What is the best honey to buy in the Twin Cities? There are lots of options when buying honey but for most people, it should be unpasteurized, unadulterated, and minimally filtered. Your best bet is to find a local honey producer with a good reputation.

Real Honey

More than a third of all honey sold is adulterated with cheaper sweeteners like rice syrup, corn syrup, and other sweeteners. These sweeteners can be disguised with new resin technologies. It can also be ultra-filtered to remove all the pollen grains to avoid identification. The worst offender is China, who floods the market with cheap adulterated honey. To avoid detection China ships it to other countries to be repackaged so they can sell to you without declaring its true origin or ingredients.

Real honey has nothing added and just enough filtering to remove particles of wax. This is the best kind of honey to buy. To learn what can happen to honey and how to store it safely, click more.

Raw honey dangers

Chemicals used to treat hives for varroa mites, or antibiotics used to treat for American Foulbrood disease can also be found in honey, when not used properly. Your best bet is to buy honey straight out of the hive from a local beekeeper using approved and time-honored traditions to produce natural raw honey.

What is unfiltered honey?

Unfiltered honey is usually raw, unpasteurized honey. Raw honey directly out of the hive is great. But it does contain some inedible particles of wax which should be filtered out for your enjoyment.

How is honey processed?

I process honey by taking off the surplus honey the bees have stored. You must always leave enough honey for the bees to thrive. I bring the boxes full of sealed, ripened honey back to my honey house where it goes into my hot room that I keep at 95 degrees (warm honey flows, cold honey doesn’t). I make sure the moisture content in the honey is below 18% (otherwise it will ferment). When I’m ready, I cut the top layer of beeswax off the combs and spin it out of the combs in my honey extractor (centrifuge). Then I run it through a couple of course filters and bottle it raw. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Pure liquid gold, the best honey you can buy.

Is there pasteurized honey?

Pasteurized honey usually refers to honey that has been heated and finely filtered to give longer shelf life in a store. This keeps the honey from crystallizing. Adding heat to honey destroys the delicate flavonoids and aromatic oils in unprocessed honey and takes away from its wonderful flavors. I would not buy this kind of honey.

What is filtered from honey?

Anyone producing liquid honey vs. comb honey (honey still in the comb), uses at least some course filtering (cloth or strainer) to keep wax particles, bee parts, and propolis pieces out of their honey. Using too fine a filter can remove some of the pollen grains, which is something I like to leave in because it is part of the natural character, flavor, and even nutrition.

To learn how the best honey is made and the characteristics to look for, click more.

Honey straight out of the hive, no sweeteners added, no flavor processed out.

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