Healthy bees produce pure honey so a responsible beekeeper won’t add anything to it. Bees also remove water from the honey so that it won’t ferment. As long as the beekeeper ensures the moisture content remains below 18% then the honey will remain fresh. Seek out local beekeepers for fresh pure honey in the Twin Cities.

Why does some honey crystallize?

Honey will crystallize quickly with a higher concentration of glucose, or if sugar crystals are added, such as in creamed honey. If you have a jar of liquid yellow honey that has turned whitish and crystallized, look at the label to see if it contains anything other than honey!

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How do you store raw honey?

Store your fresh raw honey at room temperature, and keep the cap sealed. Cool temperatures around 57 degrees will actually accelerate crystallization. Freezing honey will keep honey from crystallizing. If it is pure then it won’t freeze completely.

What do you do with crystallized honey?

Heating crystallized honey will get it back to a liquid state, but don’t over heat it because you can destroy its delicate flavors.

How do I make my honey liquid again?

My trick is to run the jar through a dish washer cycle with the cap screwed on good and tight. It de-crystallizes the honey without getting too hot.

Advantages of honey

Here’s some tricks for using pure honey. It’s great in baked goods because it keeps products moister, and they last longer. Reduce liquids used when substituting honey for sugar. Honey is hydroscopic and sucks up moisture.

Honey is great in tea but doesn’t work so good in iced tea (sits in a big glob at the bottom of your pitcher). So mix the honey with warm water so it dissolves then make it into tea and cool it.

Which sugar is present in honey?

Pure honey is made up of just two simple sugars: Glucose and Fructose. Bees add enzymes to the nectar to break down the complex Sucrose sugars into simple Glucose and Fructose sugars.

Sucrose is common table sugar. Glucose is a simple carbohydrate found in foods like bread and potatoes,  the body’s most basic fuel.  Fructose is what makes fruit sweet.

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Can you get diabetes from honey?

Honey is simple sugars. It does not cause diabetes, but its use as a sweetener needs to be watched for those who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Honey straight out of the hive, no sweeteners added, no flavor processed out.

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