If you are a connoisseur of good food, that includes honey. Your discerning palate can taste the difference between bland commercial honey and the beautiful symphony of flavors in unadulterated, pure, raw honey. Local beekeepers are your best source for gourmet honey in Minnesota.

What’s honey?

Honey in almost all cases is the nectar of flowers that honey bees gather. Bees add enzymes and bring the water content in the nectar down to prevent fermentation.

Is honey natural?

Honey is almost all-natural simple sugars, with minute traces of pollen grains, aromatic oils, and flavonoids from flowers. To produce gourmet honey it is important to keep and protect these delicate particles.

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How honey is made by honey bees

Honey is made by bees when they take up the nectar from flowers, they store it in their honey sac for the ride back to their hive. When they get back to their hive, they deposit it in their combs and fan down the moisture content below 18% so it won’t ferment. They add enzymes to the nectar to break down complex sugars into simple sugars.

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Types of honey

The flowers from each different plant species produce different flavored honey. Clover honeys are typically light and mild. Basswood honey is a light and minty honey. Orange blossom honey looks orange in color and tastes (you guessed it)  orangey.

There are as many different honeys as the flowers the bees visit. As a beekeeper of over 47 years I’ve had the pleasure of dipping my paws into a multitude of different honeys from different plants. Some blossoms produce a strong flavor, others a light flavor. My honey comes straight out of the hive into jars. The character of the honey will vary from year to year depending on habitat and seasonal conditions but that is natural. I don’t blend or alter the honey in any way.

What is the benefit of raw honey?

Honey has many benefits. First and foremost, it is a great natural sweetener. It has many different and great flavors. It is made up of simple sugars and needs very little digestion, so it gives quick energy to the body.

Is honey a natural anti-inflammatory?

Honey can be used on burns or cuts because it is hydroscopic and will not let bacteria grow.

Is Honey Really Bee Barf?

Honey is not bee poop or vomit. It is sucked up into a special honey sac for transport home. It does not go through the digestive tract of the bee unless the bee is eating it. The bees take great care to keep the honey pure and clean, so there is no bee waste in it.

Can honey go bad over time?

Honey has great shelf life and has been found in the pyramids still edible after thousands of years.

Honey straight out of the hive, no sweeteners added, no flavor processed out.

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