Pure Raw Honey

Pure raw honey

Raw honey is straight out of the hive, just spun out of the racks, then course filtered to remove particles of wax. It is never heated and nothing is ever added. You cannot always find it in ordinary stores. It is best to get it from a local beekeeper. Pure honey still contains some particles of pollen and aromatic oils, which gives it character and flavor based on the kinds of nectar that were visited by the bees.

Commercial honey

More than a third of store bought honey is adulterated with cheaper sweeteners made from rice or corn. This dilutes the flavor and character of the honey.
Often commercial producers will flash-heat the honey to increase the shelf life; overheating destroys delicate flavinoids and aromatic oils which further reduces the flavor and benefits of natural honey.

Commercial honey is also often over filtered which removes the natural character and flavor of the honey. Some imported honey is so adulterated that it cannot even be called honey legally in this country. so they resort to tricks like shipping it through other countries to falsify the country of origin.

JK Bee Honey

I have been a beekeeper for over 47 years. I was a commercial operator for about 16 of those years. Now days I just keep about a dozen hives, mostly as a hobby that pays its way. I produce honey based on time honored practices, that I have perfected over the years. I think this is the best honey you can buy, although I know other beekeepers that also do an excellant job. Explore this site to learn why I think this.

Honey straight out of the hive, no sweeteners added, no flavor processed out.

Best Honey to buy in the Twin Cities

Best Honey to buy in the Twin Cities

More than a third of all honey sold is adulterated with rice syrup, corn syrups, and other sweeteners. The best honey to buy in the Twin Cities should be unpasteurized, unadulterated, and minimally filtered. Find a local honey producer with a good reputation.

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Fresh Pure Honey in the Twin Cities

Fresh Pure Honey in the Twin Cities

Honey will crystallize quickly with a higher concentration of glucose. Heating crystallized honey will get it back to a liquid state, but don’t over heat it, you will destroy its delicate flavors. My trick is to run it through a dish washer cycle with the cap screwed on good and tight.

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Gourmet Honey in Minnesota

Gourmet Honey in Minnesota

Honey in almost all cases is the nectar of flowers that honey bees gather. Bees produce almost all-natural simple sugars and bring the moisture content in the nectar down to 18% so that it won’t ferment. Honey found in pyramids was still edible.

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Call to Order

(612) 749-9423

Please call me because I don’t check my email that often. But when you call, let me know if you filled out the form so I can use it as a reminder. Selling this way allows me to keep my prices lower than if I was at a farmers market.

For small orders, you can pick your order at my house in Golden Valley. I will give you the address and directions when you call. If ordering a box (12,  2lb jars or 24, 1lb  jars) or more, I may be able to deliver to your location.

This honey is the best we’ve tasted. Not only is the flavor excellent, but it’s a local product. That is especially important.
My husband and I make maple syrup on our property, and the production of honey seems similar. It’s very time consuming but the end result is worth it – truly a labor of love.

C. Farley